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Pages of fun-filled, hands-on
ideas for putting the fun back in
teaching our children.


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Kym's Kwik Guides

From preschool to high school,
Kym's Kwik Guides
cover many topics.

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Kym's Kwik Guides

Bathroom Brushup
Teaching our children how to
clean the throne room.

Botany: Just a Leaf
A study of leaves, types,
edges, veins and more.

Church Library
Creating one, helping in one,
outfitting one for homeschoolers.

Family Garden Fun
Create a family garden for school
and have fun! Projects, tool list,
month-by-month garden to-do list, and more.

Fun Teaching Preschoolers
What to teach before formal schooling.
Many ideas on how to keep them busy.

Learning Styles

Knowing the learning style of your child
will help you motivate and teach him. Statistics, curriculum, learning strategies and more.

Microscope Adventure!

Learn the tools, learn the trade,
learn how to make slides and more.

MomaDayTM System
The answer to "With 8 kids,
how do you do it?"
Keeping track of life.


Pre-Reader Chores & Chart
Teaching our children to work with a good attitude, even before they are school-age. How to make it work.

Rewards of Volunteering
Learn ways to plan and
get rewards for your volunteer time.

Scripture Memorization
Fun, Fast, Fantastic!
Teach your children to
"hide God's word in their hearts"
with this simple system.

Turtle Adventure!
Learn all about turtles: types, diet,
habitat, anatomy, and what to
know before buying one for a pet.

Vote for Credit!
High School credit for Political Activism
Who, what, where, when, how, and why.

Artist Kwik Guides

Mary Cassatt

Marc Chagall


Paul Klee


Monet & Van Gogh