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5 pages
of practical ideas to help you assist your church librarian: creating a church library, finding homeschool resources, starting a story hour, ministering to shut-ins. Book reviews, and lists for various specialized homeschoolers: parents of teens, parents of special needs, magazines, and much more.


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Botany Bonanza!
Just a Leaf

Kym's Kwik Guide


Many Christian homeschoolers teach their children at home
to impart godly values,
model Christian behavior,
and to nurture their children
at home until they are mature enough
to make wise decisions in the world.

One way church librarians can assist homeschooling parents is by providing them with supportive materials,

providing a list of must-reads, informative books,
practical how-tos,
and good books for the students


And homeschoolers can help build up their church library, by helping the librarian choose good

books which help homeschoolers, moms, and children.

And one way homeschool parents can help church librarians,
is to assist them in finding great resources for those who teach their children at home.