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The Power of Family Meals

Making healthy families
by making healthy mealtimes

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Research shows when adults and children eat together . . .children do better in school, they have fewer behavior problems, and they like talking with the adults in their lives. Teens are less apt to smoke, use alcohol or drugs and family values and traditions are passed on.

Studies indicate that meals are more nutritious and healthful, food dollars stretch further, time is better utilized because the family only cooks one meal, and many times the family is involved in meal preparation. Are we talking about "The Waltons," or will this work for me and my family? Join Kym as she shares the vision of the Family Meal, its importance, how to plan meals and shop for groceries with great ease, and how each family can create special times around the table, with just a bit of preparation.


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Living Life on Purpose

CD & Book Series


3 CD Set

and Companion Book


Family Meals


CD 1: Casting a Vision:
Why are Family Meals important?

What does the Bible have to say about eating together? What are the practical aspects of cooking at home? What are the emotional benefits?

CD 2: Making it Fun!
How to make meals more fun for all. Making time to eat together. Games to play, questions to ask, to build communication and create memories.

CD 3: The Practical
How to make a 1-week menu plan, and a 4-week plan. Create a master grocery list, shop for food, prepare meals ahead, and still have a semblance of a life outside the kitchen.