KYM WRIGHT: Testimony  

Kym Wright's Testimony

I was raised internationally with a military Chaplain for a father. When I was quite young, my parents’ Christian life and testimony, and participation in church influenced me to accept Christ as my own.

As a youth, I watched as my friends made life-changing choices – some positive and some negative – which influenced their future. After some teenage soul-searching, I decided I wanted to live a life for God – to honor Him in thought, word and deed.

That has given me a passion to help others in their walk with God, so I have led Bible Studies – at church and in my home – for singles, young moms, older women, marrieds, bridging generation gaps, families, adults, teens, and children. Each group has taught me more about God, His love for us, and how much we need compassion for each other – to walk a mile in their shoes.

Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:10-31 have taught me more about my Christian walk, as a woman, than any other verses in the Bible. I have found out how and what to teach younger women, the important aspects in life, and the ways to keep myself busy building up our household.

Mark, my husband since 1979, and I have both served in many capacities in church: Deacons, Sunday School teachers, Music Ministry, Youth Leaders, Young Adult Leaders, Meal Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Drama, and various evangelical and outreach programs.

As for my Christian walk each day: my goal is to daily meet with God, to read the Bible, pray and to learn more about how to live His way. There are days when life crowds out that goal, but for the most part, early, early mornings find me up before my husband and children, in the parlor, spending time with God, being refreshed.

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