MOMS MENTORING MOMS: Practical Living of Titus 2




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Moms Mentoring Moms

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The Titus 2 verses give us women such direction and vision for our lives, showing us how we are to relate to our families and the way we are to behave. They also give great insight into our ministry. This is the portion of Scripture that sparks us to label it the "Older Women Teach the Younger Women" verses. But Iíve always just referred to it as Moms Mentoring Moms, since thatís really what itís all about.

This is where those of us older moms, or those with more experience, are encouraged, instructed and warned to act in certain ways and to teach these things to those younger than ourselves. These verses basically tell us the Doís, the Doníts and Why of it. How do we live this? How can we practically reach out to other women and share? What do we share? In Titus, we learn our roles as younger and older women . . .

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