Creating Creativity CD


Creating Creativity


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"An idea can turn to dust or magic,
depending on the talent that rubs against it."

~ Bill Bernbach, advertising expert

While art projects are not necessary to the three Rís, they are essential for a well-rounded education and life. Reinforcing a topic of study, they teach to a new or different learning style. Developing new skills or bettering old ones is accomplished with these imaginative undertakings. This brings a sense of fun and accomplishment to our studentsí lives while blossoming their God-given gifts and abilities.

Why do we, as moms, want to invest our time and money in art projects and creative endeavors? Especially when we already have so much on our plates. Why would we want to even delve into this expanse of art, where the lines are blurred, and sometimes we donít feel like an expert, or even that we have any talent?

If you're like many moms who feel that they have the proverbial "two left feet" when it comes to creativity and art, this CD is for you! To set a foundation for learning, Kym quotes some of the greatest creative forces in our world: Einstein, Bill Gates, the founder of inventive corporations, artists, educators, philosophers, and doctors. All agree that creativity is a vital element in life, and teaching it to our children is integral to their future success.

Join Kym as she shares ways to teach our children creativity - even if that trait is not ours. She gives ideas, resources, lists and more to help you appear more creative, and to help our children learn and explore in this important imaginative process.

Let Kym help you Create Creativity in your home.



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Creating Creativity

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