Hear Kym talk about

Children & Chores
Teaching your children
good attitudes and habits
of work

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From a "let’s enjoy ourselves and have fun" and the work not getting done, to a more organized family life, join Kym as she shares her journey in teaching her eight children how to work and choose a good attitude about it.

She talks about children’s chores from a biblical perspective, casting a vision of why we want to teach our children to work. What the Bible has to say about work and training our children. Kym helps you establish the reasons to teach our children to work.

Work attitudes are discussed – ours and our offspring's – and how to create the plan with chore charts.


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Course Outline

CD 1: Casting a Vision
Why Work?

CD 2: Attitudes
Ours & Theirs

CD 3: Making it Work
Valuing Work
Chore Charts





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