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Unit Study Types

Have you ever wanted to use Unit Studies in your homeschool, but didn’t know where to begin? Or have you tried one, but it just didn’t work for your family? Learn how to identify and understand the three different types of Unit Studies, then find success with unit studies by learning to choose the type that works for you.


As a definition, the basic concept of unit studies is using one topic or literary selection to incorporate the majority of school subjects, especially: science, history, social studies and geography, writing, art and reading. Most times, math and grammar concepts are studied separately from the unit, but can be practiced within its context. You

can find Unit Studies on the Renaissance, how plants grow, Charlotte’s Web or responsibility. How does one choose which unit study works for them and their family?

After we have an essential understanding of the basic varieties of unit studies, we can better assess our needs, styles and which methods will meet our requirements. And you can MAKE UNITS YOURS!

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