PRESCHOOL ADVENTURE! Bring on the Learning Fun


Preschool Adventure!
Bring on the Learning Fun


Preschoolers are so ready to learn, ready to absorb, ready to spend time with mommy and daddy ... yet just what are we supposed to do with them? How do we teach them? And how do I prepare for adding them to my homeschool? Teaching the little ones is such a joy, but sometimes we just forget to add them into our already full days. In her warm style, Kym shares how organization makes your homeschool experience very joyful.

Come learn about the Pre-School Basket: What is it? What goes in it? How do I use it? How can it help me be successful?

Also, what can I teach my little ones? What if I have other children – and can I really make time for the littlies?

Let Kym help you relax and enjoy your little ones ... because soon they’ll be in college.


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Learn & Do Unit Studies
Make learning fun
All you add is the children!




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Preschool Basket

How to include:






and FUN!




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