THE PLANNER HABIT: Teaching it to our Kids


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The Planner Habit
Teaching it to our Kids

As homeschooling parents, we have chosen the responsibility of teaching our children in academics, spiritual life, social behaviors, physical activities, and practical living skills. We also have the privilege and accountability to teach them how to make it all work.

From chore charts when they are younger, to "Honey-Do" lists when they are married, how can we teach them to use their minutes well to accomplish the have-tos, the want-tos, and everything in between?

Teaching our children the planner habit is one way to success, especially if we are in the habit of using them ourselves. Join Kym as she shares the 6 K's to success and encourages practical ways to help our children succeed.


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The Planner Habit

Teaching it to our Kids



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The Six K's to Success

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