An Ordinary Home
A Most Holy Place

How can I make my home holy?

Set apart for a specific purpose. That's the definition of the word "holy." Like the holiday decorations we keep in the attic, or the china stored on our shelves - the things we use - or save - for specific times, places, people, events.

And our homes can be that way. Set apart - not the norm, the run-of-the-mill, nor ordinary. Set apart for the specific purpose of encouraging each person in the path God has for them. Modeling God's character for our children. Speaking words of confidence, encouragement, kindness.

It starts with you and me ...

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Ordinary Parents / Holy God

Ordinary Events / Special Planning

Ordinary Words / Godís Anointing

Ordinary Prayers / Godís Power

Ordinary Family / Godís Chosen Vessel






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