MomaDayTM: How a Busy Mother of EIGHT Really Does It!

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How a busy mother of eight
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Being the homeschooling mother of eight children, people often ask me how we get everything done and stay on top of school. Well, itís easy for me to get sidetracked, overlooking and forgetting things, so I make lists, writing everything down. If there is something we do on a regular basis, I make it into a computerized chart, listing everything that accompanies it: what we need to take with us, preparations, where else we need to go, and so on.

We have chore charts, school charts, after-breakfast clean up chores, afternoon schedules, dish-washing lists (who does it when) . . . you get the idea. This frees my mind so I donít have to think. I have found that if I have the option to think about something, chances are that my answer will be negative. Do I want to do the laundry? "No." Do I want to make lunch? "No." Thinking through these things one time and writing it down, frees my mind to think through and plan the next thing, so I am not constantly reinventing the wheel. Also, checking items off a "To Do" list helps me see Ė and feel Ė that we really are accomplishing something.

So, to those who ask, "How do you really do it?" let me answer by saying "We donít!" but we sure try. One way we keep our school on track each day is our school planning sheet which the children lovingly dubbed the MomaDayTM because it is what keeps this moma moving during the day. Kym shares how to build your own MomaDayTM and get your days on track.

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