DRESSING UP HOMESCHOOLING: The Power of First Impressions

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Dressing Up Homeschooling
The Power of First Impressions

When they hear we homeschool, many people ask, "Do you just do school in your pajamas?" Since we are at home, the temptation to do that is very strong, but what are we teaching our children? An international image expert says first impressions count, evaluations are made in the first three seconds, and these are virtually irreversible.

Though most homeschoolers donít wear school uniforms, some positive results of it are a decrease in violent behavior, instilling students with discipline, and helping students concentrate on their school work. In most homeschools, you'll find that how everyone dresses affects performance in studies, chores, and attitudes.

So, for Kym's house and school, they decided to set some standards of dress for personal integrity and wholesomeness.

Come join Kym as she challenges you to "Dress Up Homeschooling," and teach our children how to dress appropriately, to be presentable, and the support systems we must have in place to make it happen.

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