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Creative High School Credit

How to give credit for life experiences, apprenticeships,
mentoring, projects, hobbies and more . . .

What is a High School Credit? And what are Carnegie Units? How can we, as homeschoolers, determine if our high school students have actually completed the work for high school credit?

Join Kym as she makes it easy, gives you ways to determine high school credit, when enough is enough, and creative ways for your student to share their knowledge. Using a student’s interest to create a uniquely personalized high school experience to construct a meaningful high school transcript, learn the difference between high school graduation requirements and college acceptance requirements – and choose which is right for your child.

From apprenticeships to giving credit for hobbies, special interests, passions, and real life activities, Kym shares real-life success stories to help you set a new vision for your student’s last learning experience under your wings. Learn ways to creatively give our children credit – for life.

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