Kudos from Vickie Farris

   Vickie Farris, friend and role model, has written for us in The Mother's Heart magazine about being the mother of many. She wrote about Kym in her column in Home School Enrichment:

"I have never been one to make organized chore charts and hang them on the refrigerator, although I admire moms who do so. . . but if you feel comfortable with more organization, Kym Wright (a regular writer for this magazine) has some great materials on this topic!"
                                                                                                                   Issue #20 Mar/Apr 2006


Vickie Farris received her B.A. in Elementary Education (with honors) from Western Washington University. But Vickie says, "I've overcome this handicap and have been able to home school my children for the past fifteen years." Vickie is the mother of six daughters and four sons and the wife of Mike Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association. She travels and speaks occasionally with Mike at conferences, but for the most part she is a stay-at-home mom and loves it. Vickie was named the National Homemaker of the Year in 1996 by Eagle Forum.


To read more about Kym Wright, the teacher, visit her website: www.kymwright.com/about.htm





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Issue #4






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