UNIT STUDIES = Family Unity in Studies

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Unit Studies =
Family Unity in Studies

“As the homeschooling mother of eight children, I am careful to plan our studies so I have time to explain each subject to each child. With Unit Studies, it seems I can regroup the family, and not just let them learn in their own little corners of the world. We can make time to read, write and explore the world together,” says Kym Wright, mother of eight homeschooled children.

Kym will share how to work with multiple ages at one time, on one subject, and keep your sanity. Tips for enlisting the help of our older children and husbands, for reading assistance. How to keep track of their learning and ways to make it all a family enrichment will be covered, and so much more.


To read more about Kym Wright, the teacher, visit her website: www.kymwright.com/about.htm



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Unit Studies =

Family Unity in Studies




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