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Who should take this course?
Everyone! This course is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to write for magazines, newspapers, newsletters or other avenues and be paid for it. If you love words and you love to write – whether you want to write as a hobby, or make writing your career – this course will benefit you.



F Find interesting ideas and angles for articles
F Find suitable markets for articles
F Match your ideas to markets
F Learn ways to research articles
F Write irresistible query letters
F Learn how to market your ideas or articles
F Structure your articles
F Submit your articles
F Learn copyright laws
F Become involved in local and national publications


This course is about how to write for magazines, getting published and broadening your scope while helping yourself to a bright future as a magazine writer. Learn to share your stories and testimony, God’s blessing in your life, and encouragement to others.


If you’re a determined new writer, or if you haven’t written for magazines in years – if ever – this class will jump start your career. You’ll learn plenty of powerful brainstorming techniques designed to practically write every article for you: where to get ideas, how to structure your articles, how to find markets, and how to make queries and submissions.

We’ll take a closer look at the magazine editorial process and how you can make that work to your advantage by focusing your writing for a particular audience. You’ll learn how to approach major market magazines, how to get past the slush pile, how to follow up until you have a sale and how to follow through until you have completed the assignment satisfactorily. Then we’ll discuss making the most use of your time: time management, how to resell your article, and how to write a second article from the same research.


In this 6-CD set, you'll learn how to get published.


A course on getting published


Turn your dreams into bylines and help yourself to a bright future as a magazine writer. If you’re a determined writer – experienced or not, this class will provide you with the skills you need to get published. Learn to share your testimony, stories of faith, God’s blessing in your life, and encouragement to others.


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Week One

Anatomy of a magazine

Week Two

Types of articles

Finding your niche

Week Three

Query Letters & Tools

Week Four

Interviewing & Organizing

Week Five


Parts of your Article

Week Six





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