LAPBOOKS: How to Love Hands-On Learning


What is a Lapbook?

A lap book is a hands-on tool that you can use with your children in place of boring and monotonous worksheets. A lap book can be used with any subject matter that you are studying.  They can be used from preschool through high school. Lapbooks are typically made from large manila folders which are colored or plain.

Kym will show you examples of lapbooks, surprise you with how detailed the learning is, and how simple the preparation. Learning is best when the students "own" the work, show their knowledge in creative ways, and actually remember what they've learned ... even years later.

Lapbooks make that happen.

Learn how to make them, when to use them, what resources you need, the materials, and more . . .



Course Outline


How to make lapbooks

Supplies needed

How to make the different folds

What is a “minit” book?

How to divide the data

to decide the presentation

Watch videos on the folds

See actual lapbooks

Find out the best resources

MAKE a Lapbook to

TAKE home