From her twenty-plus years of homeschooling, Kym has learned the best way to avoid legal trouble is to know the law and stay within its parameters.

In Georgia, homeschoolers are under attendance law - we must prove that our children have attended our school. Other states have progression laws - the students must progress in their learning in order to remain in homeschool.

Find out exactly what you do need, and don't need to do in order to follow Georgia's homeschool law. In a Power Point presentation, Kym covers everything, including:

·      The Declaration of Intent and Attendance Forms – how to fill them  out, what not to include, and your legal rights.

·      Requirements to Homeschool: what does the law require and what does it imply?

·      Requirements for Homeschool Tutors: The new law. The law changed in 2004, and we have much more freedom!

·      Curfew: What could happen if my child is out during school hours without me? How do I prevent it?

·      Public school attendance before age 7 – and now homeschooled: What do I do? Child enrolled in public school is homeschooled before age 6

·      Driver’s License: How, the forms, what’s required, where can I get the requisite course, and insurance.

·      There's a Social Worker at my door. What am I supposed to do?


With knowledge and information you can homeschool confidently. Learn the law. Know the law. Stand on the law. Learn how through Kym's Seminar.



Course Outline


Declaration of Intent
Attendance Records
Student Age
Who Can Teach
The Tutor Law
The Hours

The Subjects
Test Scores
Assessment Report
Testing Companies