DYNAMIC iDENTITY: Why We are the Way We Are


Each of us has a Dynamic iDentity - who God has made us to be. The strengths, the weaknesses, the basic temperament we have at birth. So, how do we build up our strengths? And how can we turn our weaknes ... er ... - rather our CHALLENGES - into strengths?

Why is it important to know what temperament I have? How will it help me in my family life, my career, my church, and my personal life? How do I minister to the various different temperaments? Doesn't one-size-fit-all work with ministry? Shouldn't I focus on the way I want to minister rather than the way people need to be ministered to?

Come learn all about yourself, to help you understand God's plan for your life. The type of job to suit your specific temperament blend. The way to relate to your spouse and children - to meet their needs and communicate in an understandable way.

In this five-session course, Kym covers many different aspects of temperament types, to give you the information you need to be the best person, pastor, friend, spouse, parent, and worker you can possibly be.



In this Five-Session Course

Kym covers:



Overview of the types



Details the strengths

of each temperament type



Gives hope for the weaknesses

For each one, God has provided

a solution



What motivates each temperament type and how can that affect our relationship with them?



What type of job and ministry works best for my type? Am I using my gifts to the best? How can I minister to the different temperament types?